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For maximum effectiveness apply NOMED® Headache Reduction Band at the first sign of a headache.

Adults and children 12 years and over use as directed.  Children under 12 years please consult a doctor before use.

1) Grasp NOMED® Headache Reduction Band at the base of the gel tips and spread slightly.  Position gel tips in Traingular Fossa with band worn under chin or behind neck.  Left and right sides are marked on band.

2) Confirm correct placement by referring to diagram on back of insert card and visual inspection.

3) Leave NOMED® Headache Reduction Band in place for 10 minutes.  Remove band after the 10 minute period and check status of headache.  If necessary headache band can be worn longer(not to exceed 30 minutes).  Remove band every 10 minutes for 2 minutes to allow proper blood flow to area being compressed.